20140309_135_a-2-2Marcel Rahner was born in Cape Town, South Africa. He now resides in Copehagen area, Denmark. A passion for wildlife was initiated in Africa leading the way to an ever-stronger interest in the natural environment in other parts of the world. He holds a Master of Science degree in biology; studied at the University of Copenhagen, specialising in biodiversity and wildlife management.

He has worked with research, conservation and development projects in Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe as well as providing environmental consultancy services to the public and private sectors. He has broad fieldwork experience from a diverse number of ecosystems, especially forests and wetlands. Moreover, he is a competent ornithologist with an extensive knowledge of especially European and African birds.

Marcel Rahner is a skilled freelance photographer. Photography has been a close partner almost lifelong. From a means of documenting scientific or environmental matters, in addition to his work as a biologist, it has become his main profession.

He conducts travel and wilderness guiding including teaching and coaching in photographic techniques.

Apart from wildlife photography Marcel Rahner’s expertise as a photographer embraces travel photography, photojournalism, architectural and industrial photography, portraiture and fine art.